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Our fitness, nutrition and masseuse experts bring a world-class know-how and enthusiasm right to your front door. No more worrying about whether you can make it to the gym or grab a delicious and healthy meal in you long and busy day.  In the comfort of our boutique gym in your own home or at your workplace INSHAPE TO GO personal trainers will take you through a total body workout, a rejuvenating massage, with meals delivered to your home or work place. Transform yourself.  Look and feel better than you’ve ever felt before… Get up and get going- with INSHAPE TO GO! Why Us?  Because we are We take a holistic approach to total mind and body enhancement.  You come to us or we come TO YOU wherever and whenever.  We cater to dynamic, busy people who live life on the go.   People like you!  Our positive, friendly methods of training and support are proven by a long list of contented clients.  Remember, your success is our success! We’ll take you through a custom-made program designed for your individual needs and lifestyle, offering a superior fitness experience at a competitive price.   Proven techniques equal optimal results- every time. Join us!  Today is a great day to get INSHAPE! Our Team Simply the best! INSHAPE TO GO IS on a mission to help you look your best.  To feel healthier and more fit then ever before!  We began by getting the right people – expert trainers with a passion for health and fitness, to help transform you into the best you can be! Our Program: Feel the change.INSHAPE TO GO was founded on a simple idea:  that a fitness company could know each of its clients well enough to deliver a highly successful, results oriented diet and exercise program.  Our methods are proven- time and time again for each and every person we work with.  Individual results are so dramatic that our clients get in shape and stay in shape. Here’s how we begin:  INSHAPE TO GO  assesses every new client, then monitors their progress as they transform themselves through a variety of exercise programs, whether it’s beginning or advanced workouts.  The number of sessions we recommend for each client is based on individual goals, busy schedules and desired results. It’s a healthy and wholesome lifestyle you’ll become addicted to. Pilates: Evolution. Watch your body transform with Pilates.  INSHAPE TO GO personal trainers will teach you how to really stretch your body – elongating and strengthening your muscles.  Pilates movement is gentle but challenging, allowing you to achieve a sense of calm, all the while gaining agility and core control.  Pilates conditions the body evenly, creating a sleek, toned body and a whole new you. Kickboxing: Revolution. It’s a total body workout that really kicks it out. By combining elements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics, kickboxing delivers optimal physical conditioning. Provides a feeling of increased confidence and security, without actually teaching self-defense. This form of exercise is a proven stress reliever in addition to a great cardiovascular workout. Kickboxing helps improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and stamina. A private kickboxing session with a personal trainer guarantees the ultimate workout! Weights: Sculpt Your Body. Combining resistance and cardio during weight training elevates your heart level to a rate that burns fat during and after your workout. Weight training helps you literally sculpt your body. Lifting weights will raise your metabolism and help build muscle. Weight training helps strengthen bones, which is especially important for women.Training with weights helps increase strength as well as endurance. INSHAPE TO GO will design a personalized program to help you achieve the results you want. Sumba: Fit absolute fun into your day. Latin based rhythms and easy to follow dance steps. Muscle toning, caloric burning workout that have body beautifying benefits. Increases endurance and coordination. Nutrition: Nourish your body. INSHAPE TO GO will design an easy, healthful nutrition plan that goes hand in hand with your individual work out and nutritional program. You’ll learn how to eat right - to optimize your workout sessions.  INSHAPE TO GO nutritional programs are all about a highly balanced approach to diet and exercise.  Your individual workout plan is balanced with your specific caloric needs, including carbohydrates, protein and fat. We deliver sustainable results- no more “yo-yo” effect in your weight. We provide nutrition tips that will optimize your workout.Soon to come is INSHAPE TO GO Meals, a healthy and delicious meal service that will be delivered to your door step! Make a commitment to you.  Call INSHAPE TO GO now! Contact Us: Improve your body and mind. Be the best you can be with INSHAPE TO GO!! Call us at 305-448-8889… or